28th Infantry Division
E Company, 112th Infantry Regiment

This section of my web page is dedicated to my Grandfather, Richard Shoemaker.
He served with the 112th Infantry Regiment in Easy Company, 28th Infantry Division.

Below you will find his story and information on the 28th Infantry Division.

(L) My Grandfather recieving his Bronze Star Metal 60 years later. I was able to get him the Metal with the Help of my Congressman. (R) The case on the left are also some metals that my Grandfather recieved. He already had the ribbons and one metal, but not the others. The case on the right are his originals. Silver Star, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters, Good Conduct, ETO with 5 battle stars, WWII Victory, and CIB.

Revolutionary War Days

Elements of the Division can trace their histories back to 1747, when Benjamin Franklin organized his battalion of "Associators" in Philadelphia. Other Pennsylvania units of the 28th Infantry Division had their beginnings in the Revolutionary War. Troop A, 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry, was organized on Nov. 17, 1774. The 109th Artillery Regiment was formed Oct. 17, 1775 as the 24th Connecticut Militia. Both units served with distinction in General George Washington's Continental Army during the war.

The 19th Century

During the War of 1812, the Mexican War and the Civil War, units fought victoriously at Vera Cruz and Cerro Cordo. Units of the Pennsylvania Militia won 29 battle streamers during these wars. In 1878, Governor John F. Hartranft conceived the idea of forming a single National Guard of Pennsylvania. Hartranft became the 28th Division 's first commander. The Division mustered into federal service in 1898 for the Spanish- American War. Elements saw action in Puerto Rico and the Philippines. On Oct. 27, 1918, the Red Keystone was designated the shoulder sleeve insignia of the Division. The distinctive Keystone was the second shoulder sleeve patch to receive official Army approval.

World War I

Units of the 28th Infantry Division, known at the time as the 7th Division, were called to active duty for the Mexican Border incidents in 1916. Pennsylvania's 7th Division was ordered to active duty at camp Hancock, Georgia, on July 15, 1917. On October 11, 1917, the Division was reorganized as the 28th Division while it was still training in Georgia. The 28th Division arrived in France on May 18, 1918.

It was committed to battle on July 14. Soldiers of the Division participated in six major campaigns----Champagne, Champagne-Marne, Aisne- Marne, Oise-Marne, Lorraine, and Meuse-Argonne. During those campaigns, over 14,000 battle casualties were suffered the division. Its fierce combat abilities earned it the title "Iron Division" from General of the Armies John J. Pershing.

Division was organized in Sep 1917, at Camp Hancock, GA, from Pennsylvania National Guard troops. It went overseas in May and June 1918. It participated in the Champagne-Marne defensive and the Aisne-Marne offensive. Division’s outstanding action was in the Mouse-Argonne offensive. One of its great achievements was rescue of the famous “Lost Battalion” of the 77th Infantry Division in the Argonne. During operations the Division took 921 prisoners and its casualties totaled 13,980. Division returned to the United States in spring of 1919. The 109th Infantry Regiment originally from Scranton PA distinguished itself in the Marne battle. The 110th Infantry Regiment bore the full brunt of Ludendorff’s “Peace Storm,” a bid to break through and capture Paris. The 112th Infantry Regiment charged over the top at Hill 204 near Chateau Thierry. Battery “B” of the 107th Field Artillery Battalion has a history going back to service the Civil War. The 108th Field Artillery Battalion dates back to 1840 and was the first unit to use the name “National Guard,” an adaptation of Napoleon’s Garde Nationale. The 109th Field Artillery Battalion had three separate companies supporting George Washington’s Continental Army.

Awards and campaigns

Silver Bands (Civil War)

Virginia 1861-1863


Spanish-American War
Puerto Rico

World War I


World War II

Northern France
Central Europe

The Crest

The shield is white, the old Infantry color. The blue solitaire cross at the upper left was the insignia of the 5th Corps in the Civil War, to which the regiment is directly related. The red Spanish Castle at the upper right commemorates the Puerto Rican campaigns of the Spanish-American War, from which a battle streamer is borne on the regimental colors. The stone arch bridge with its center portion shot away, represents the bridge across Vesle River as Fismes, France, where the Regiment experienced its hardest fighting of World War I.

The legend beneath, suggested in an address by Divisional Chaplin Charles Aschall, expresses the ideals of the regiments –To Strive, To Obey, and To Endure. To the old coat of arms has been added a rampant lion, as found on the arms of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, grasping a red cross of the province of Lorraine in France. The lion is in the Infantry blue color. Both symbols represent the locale of the regiment’s combat in World War II.

Richard Shoemaker (1920-2015)
My Grandfather, Richard “Stanley” Shoemaker, was born on September 11, 1920 in Barbieux, Michigan. He was one of seven kids and lived in a small log cabin, which looked more like a shack. My Grandfather grew up in Amasa, Michigan where life was tough. He would hunt and fish for his own food learning to use the land; a skill that would come in handy during WWII. He was only schooled to the seventh grade, but had a command of the wilderness.

When he was fifteen years old his father kicked him out of the cabin. My Grandfather went to work in the lumber camps cleaning bunkhouses, doing dishes, and cutting pulpwood. When he was seventeen he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Here he fought forest fires, planted trees, built roads, and parks. He ended his time with them doing surveying work in the Northern Upper Peninsula Michigan.

In 1939, my Grandfather was working in a lumber camp again and then began working on a farm. During 1941, he traveled to Chicago with someone from the farm and went to work at an automatic screw machine factory. This was when Butler airfield had two piper cups on the runway and was surrounded by large onion farms. We know it today as O’Hare Airport. He befriended a man who took him home; here he met Charlotte. They became engaged, but he did not want to get married as he was drafted into the Army in 1942.

On Feb. 17, 1941, the 28th Division was ordered into federal service for one year of active duty. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 led soldiers of the 28th to remain on active for the duration of the war.

My Grandfather arrived at Camp Grant for his induction and was sent to Camp Livingston in Louisiana for his basic training. From there he went to Florida for amphibious landing training. He recounted this story for me. “We were out in a storm on the small landing craft one night doing drills. One craft hit a sand bar and the men thought that was the end of the trip. We had to jump over the sides because these craft did not have a drop gate in the front. Well all those men in that one craft drowned that dark night”. After training was concluded in Florida he traveled to Camp Pickett in Virginia where he under went mountain maneuver training.

Having conducted the specialized combat training in everything from offensive maneuvers in mountainous terrain to amphibious warfare, the Division's intensive training agenda culminated in its deployment to England on Oct. 8, 1943.

He traveled to England on a victory ship. This is what he had to say about the trip. “It was over crowded, we were to share bunks but I never stayed below deck. The stink of men’s vomit was horrible. I would go down stairs twice a day to eat, but it was a mess down there, very slippery. I slept on the deck under a stairwell. There were some Navy guys selling candy one day and a buddy and me bought some. We ate some of it and the next day we discovered they had worms in it”. My Grandfather described the trip as being rough and the ship would rock from side to side, but he never got seasick.

He spent most of his time in Wales training with E Company of the 112th Infantry regiment. He was promoted to PFC (Private First Class) and given the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) to carry. At a dry dock in Wales he found an old west style .45 cal handgun that he made a holder for and carried that with him.

Living conditions were not that great. He lived in a tent city constructed of the two-man pup tents. Besides the lack of room the shelter offers, whenever it would rain he said the water would flow right in. The 28th Division was first slated to go in on the first wave of the Normandy landings. Fate would have it that the Governor of Pennsylvania had connections and the 28th was placed in reserves. During this time My Grandfather tried to volunteer for the airborne, but his unit would not release him.

The Allied offensive of early July was designed to "breakout" of the Normandy pocket and eventually drive the German army back. The battle was waged in a region known as the Bocage, and is sometimes called the Battle of the Hedgerows, for these mighty mechanized armies were often stymied by the tall hedgerows that surrounded each field and provided cover for enemy forces. The fighting here was particularly bitter and exhausting, but finally the "breakout" was achieved. The next phase would be the "breakthrough." After much heroic effort the Allied forces would extend their line across the Cotentin Peninsula in northwest France and begin to drive the enemy eastward. At this point the 28th in thrown into the action. Mostly fresh from the states, their battlefield efforts do not at first satisfy the high command. But on August 1 they help to take the town of Percy, then moving gradually eastward they are involved in serious fighting around Gathemo on the 10th, this last being a part of the effort to completely surround and crush a portion of the German Army in the Falaise Pocket. It was a significant defeat for the German Army, and forced them to hurriedly withdraw eastward.

The men received extensive training in Wales for six months and in England for three months. The highlight of training was at the Assault Training Center in Braunton, Devonshire, England. After training in England and Wales, the first elements of the Division entered combat on July 22, 1944, landing on the beaches of Normandy. The trip over was rough. My Grandfather said “The landing craft would pitch up and down and you would have to hold onto the nets of the ships. When the landing craft came back up you would jump into it”. From Normandy, the 28th advanced across western France, finding itself in the thick of hedgerow fighting through towns such as Percy, Montbray, Montguoray, Gathemo and St. Sever de Calvados by the end of July 1944.

On August 1st they were still engaged in a battle that begun the night before on Hill 210 near Maupartuia. The enemy had good observation of the hill from their positions on higher ground, and had been putting plenty of 88 shell fire into the position. Tree bursts were responsible for a large percentage of the casualties. During that night, the enemy withdrew, and the following morning the 28th advanced to a point one mile from St. Martin, where they again ran into heavy enemy resistance.

The men advanced on foot to La Chienne de la Plaine where units of the 2nd Armored Division were engaged in a fire fight with the enemy. The unit remained there for the night. The following morning, August 4th, it advanced to Le Mesnil, running into heavily mined and booby-trapped area on the way. On the 5th, they advanced to a position at St. Manvieu de Bocage, still encountering plenty of mines, booby-traps, and 88 fire.

On the 6th, the 28th advanced toward Hill 193, SE of Manvieu de Bocage and again ran into heavy resistance. On the 8th, they advanced toward La Juliere, but had to withdraw slightly, due to heavy enemy mortar fire. On the 9th, the unit advanced to hill 246, which is several miles south of St. Germain de Tallevende. They encountered plenty of 88 and sniper fire there, and remained for the night. The following morning they advanced toward RW 338, which is due south of Hill 246. When they were again held up by enemy fire.

On the 12th the men crossed the E-W highway that comes into RJ 338, but were forced to withdraw by friendly artillery fire. As a result of this, the enemy, whom had been caught off guard, had a chance to reorganize, and the 28th was unable to advance the following day.

On August 13th, the men advanced to a point near Etan without meeting any resistance. On the 14th they continued the advance. There were a lot of knocked out German armored vehicles on the way, and this sight wasn't exactly demoralizing. On the 15th they advanced to a point near Beauchine where they had a rest which lasted to the 20th.

On the 20th, the group left by truck for an area near Mortagne. Every time they stopped on the way, they were deluged with apples, tomatoes, flowers and just about any kind of "liquor." The people seem to be friendlier the deeper they get into France.

On the 21st, the men marched 4 miles eastward to another bivouac area without meeting any resistance. On the 22nd, they advanced to a point about 2 miles north of Breteuil. They did encounter some 88 anti-tank fire. On the 23rd, they advanced to a point near Emanville, and went into bivouac, waiting for the British to catch up on their left flank. On the 25th, some of the men heard a BBC broadcast over one of the numerous radios to the effect that "the British have taken the town of Conches without firing a shot."

On the 26th they left for Roudan, which is about 40 miles due east, and went into bivouac. On the evening of the 27th, they left by truck, and arrived early the following morning at Versailles, where they bivouacked on the palace grounds. On the evening of the 28th they left Versailles, again by truck, and ended up in Paree, while it is still daylight. The 28th were the first Americans to get there, and the people were so excited to see them, that it was difficult to get through the crowds that were in the streets to welcome them. They spent the night in the Bois de Boulogne.

In a movement north toward the Seine in late August, the Division succeeded in trapping the remnant of the German 7th Army through Vorneuil, Breteuil, Damville, Conches, Le Neubourg and Elbeuf before entering Paris to join in its liberation.

The next day everyone was busy shining up, cleaning up, and shaving in preparation for the parade through Paris. The 28th Division was given the honor of being the Infantry Division to be in the Parade. It started at the Pois de Boulogne and went to the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elysees, where they passed in review. From there they went to Le Bourget Field. It was one big bedlam of people handing out champagne, wine, whiskey, flowers, kisses galore, and just about anything that would help show their appreciation. The famous photograph of American troops before the Arc de Triomphe, marching in battle parade down the Champs Elysees, shows the men of 1st Battalion, 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division. My Grandfather was on the outside of the troops where the French girls were making their appreciation known. The 28th stayed at the Bourget Field for the night, the same field Lindbergh landed on in 1927.

On August 30th, the men returned to business as usual, and advanced on foot to Survilliers without meeting any resistance. They stayed there for the night. The following morning they continued the advance to a point neat Senlis where they loaded trucks early in the evening. The month ended with them well on their way to Compiegne.

My Grandfather recounted how he was injured during this month. “I was running across the field between hedgerows when I had to switch clips on my BAR. A German popped out around the row and started firing at me. I ran across the field towards a gate and hit the dirt. I piece of the bullet lodged in my hand and another piece went through the heel of my boot, but never hit my foot”. A medic checked him and sent him to the aid station where he stayed for five days. He received the Purple Heart for this wound.

The fury of assaults launched by the 28th Infantry Division during August led the German Army to bestow the Keystone soldiers with the title "Bloody Bucket" Division.
The German forces in northern France had begun their retreat in mid-August, after narrowly escaping complete destruction in the Falaise Pocket. From that point to well into September the war took on the character of a massive chase. From Paris northeastward to the Belgian border these great armies rushed the pursued and the pursuing. For the Allies, the greatest difficulty now was logistics (keeping up a steady supply of food, ammo, and gasoline) rather than German resistance. The trick was simply to keep moving, to keep the pressure on.

Optimism was the order of the day. There was much talk, even from the high command, of a German surrender by November or in any case by Christmas.

With no time to rest, the Division moved on to fight some of the bloodiest battles of the War the day following the parade. The advance continued through the Forest of Compeigne, La Fere, St. Quentin, Laon, Rethel, Sedan, Mezieres, and Bouillon and eventually across the Meuse River into Belgium. The Keystone soldiers averaged 17 miles a day against the resistance of German "battle groups."

The city of Arlon, Belgium fell to a task force as the Division fanned out into Luxembourg in early September. On September 11, 1944, my Grandfathers 24th birthday, the 28th claimed the distinction of being the first American unit to enter Germany. After hammering away in assaults which destroyed or captured 153 pillboxes and bunkers, the Division moved north toward the Siegfried Line, clearing the Monschau Forest of German forces. On the 16th of October, Major General Cota came to the area to pass out a few awards and to talk to the men.

After a brief respite, the Keystone soldiers made another move northward to the Huertgen Forest in late October.

Attacks in the forest began November 2, 1944. The 28th Infantry Division stormed into Vossenack, Kommerscheidt and Schmidt amid savage fighting and heavy losses. The Command center was established in the cellar of a house 300 yards east of a shell battered church.

The night of the 2nd was comparatively quiet, although the enemy resumed shelling the following morning. All movement was kept to a minimum, due to the fact that they were disposed on a ridge, which stood out like a sore thumb. The enemy had excellent observation of the ridge, not only from the east, but from the high ground near Brandenberg and Bergstein to the northeast as well.

Still a PFC he was acting as squad sergeant. He now carried the M-1 Garand and was leading patrols. Patrols that everyone wanted to be on because they knew he would get them back safe.

The Captain sent him out one night to link up with the American forces on their flank. He recounted “We walked right through German lines, while they were digging holes, and were never challenged. A little further along the came to a point where two machine guns opened up on us. They were on opposite sides of the path crossing fire over us. A bullet passed through the wrinkle of my field jacket and killed the man behind me. “When I got back I had a talk with the Captain and I did not care if he was the Captain. I was mad.” He mentioned and a few days later the Captain ran from the line during an attack. He never saw him again.

On December 28th in Luxembourg my Grandfather received the Silver Star. He was leading a night patrol to ascertain the enemy’s strength and position. While in enemy territory his group received hostile machine gun fire. Two of his men were severely wounded. He was ordered to withdraw, but refused until he could locate the enemy position. My Grandfather returned to the command post with the information and then went back on his own to save his fellow soldiers. He crawled 75 yards through the snow and enemy machine gun fire to rescue both of them.

“One day we found a barn to get out of the weather. We used the wax boxes from our K rations to start a fire and I supplied the food. Outside I saw a chicken and wanted to get it for dinner. I picked up a frozen apple and hurled it at the chicken breaking its legs. I was lucky to hit it and ran over and picked it up and they had a great dinner. I cleaned it and we put it in an old pot we found in the barn. I put some bullion cubes in the water and boiled the chicken. That was a good chicken,” he said with a smile on his face. I imagine it was after 40 days of K rations.

Another time my Grandfather was in a church and one his men pulled the pin on a grenade and was going to throw it in the basement. He realized there was American troops down there and was not sure what to do. My Grandfather told him not to let go and they put the pin back in. Then my Grandfather told him do not pull the pin unless you are going to throw the damn thing.

By November 10, the 28th began to move south, where it held a 25-mile sector of the front line along the Orr River. It was against this thinly fortified division line that the Germans unleashed the full force of their winter Ardennes "blitzkreig" offensive.

In the month of December the 112th played a part in one of the largest battles in world history. Having been decimated by the November fighting in the Huertgen, they were selected to man a quiet sector of the long Allied front, where they could get some much needed rest and build up their fighting strength. This "quiet sector" was in the Ardennes Forest, and it happened to be just the place that Hitler himself had chosen to launch one last all-out counter-offensive that would make or break the Reich. This massive clash of military antagonists would come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge.
Five Axis divisions stormed across the Orr River the first day, followed by four more in the next few days. Overwhelmed by the weight of enemy armor and personnel, the Division maintained its defense of this sector long enough to throw Von Runstedt's assault off schedule. My Grandfather had just returned from Paris when the attack occurred. “I did not even have my rifle yet. We were overwhelmed and we had to run. Some men just gave up and sat there. I said come on guys get moving. I don’t know what the Germans did to them.” He recalled.
With allied forces able to a move in to counterattack, the "Battle of the Bulge" ensued, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy forces. Having sustained a devastating 15,000 casualties, the 28th withdrew to rest, resupply and bring in replacements. On the way out my grandfather said he and some men were charged with watching the self-propelled 105’s for the Airborne. He left the next morning and the Germans encircled the troopers. He said they walked forty miles and came to a monastery, where the nuns gave then warm water for their feet. “The socks were embedded into the flesh and we were full of blisters.” He added.

But within three weeks, the Division was back in action. By January 1945, Division soldiers had moved south where they served with the French First Army in the reduction of the "Colmar Pocket." The 109th Infantry Regiment was awarded the French Croix de Guerre for its action which helped lead to the liberation of Colmar, the last major French city in German hands. During his time in the Colmar pocket an artillery shell that sent shrapnel into his shoulder injured him. He was evacuated and sent to the hospital for thirty days and received an oak leaf cluster for the Purple Heart.

By February 23, 1945, the Division returned north to the American First Army. The 28th was in position along the Olef River when an attack was launched on March 6, 1945, carrying the Division to the Ahr River. Schleiden, Germund, Kall, Sotenich, Sistig and Blankenheim all fell in a raid advance.
On the morning of the 7th, the 28th proceeded to Broich, after the road had been cleared of mines. No resistance was met, although it was necessary to stop often to remove the many Regal and Teller mines planted in the roadbed to delay them. At the outskirts of Sistig, the lead tank fired a few rounds of 75mm ammo into the town as a prelude to their arrival.

They were delayed here for several hours due to two roadblocks. One blocking the road leading into town, the other blocking the road leading from town, not to mention the mines that was planted in the vicinity of the roadblocks. As soon as the blocks were cleared, The men were ordered to continue to Blankenheim. A few miles out of Sistig they encountered another roadblock consisting of large trees felled across the road, and a quantity of Regal mines. With the aid of tanks and some of the men in the advance party the road was once again clear.
About 1 mile west of Blankenheim they were again held up at a stream where a bridge had been blown out. While the tanks were looking for a suitable place to cross the stream, the 1st Platoon was ordered to proceed by foot through Blankenheimerdorf to Blankenheim, and cleared the road of all mines, so that the tanks wouldn't be delayed once they had crossed the stream. The mission was accomplished just after dusk, and the 1st Platoon waited in Blankenheim for the remainder of the Company to pull in, which was shortly before midnight. After having to practically break down a few front doors, the men were able to turn in for the night.

On the 8th, They left Blankenheim at 1430, and proceeded to Ahrdorf, where the 1st Platoon was left to remove the shells from the bridge which the enemy didn't have time to blow, and was also given permission to protect the bridge. The remainder of the Company proceeded to Dorsel.

On the morning of the 18th, they left by truck for Bubenheim, arriving shortly before noon. Here they de-trucked, and proceeded to Lutzel, which is just across the Moselle River from Coblenz. The 1st Platoon was given the sector from the boatyard to Neuendorf to defend. The 2nd Platoon was given the mission of guarding the railroad-bridge and the traffic-bridge running from Lutzel into Coblenz. The 3rd Platoon was given a front of about 500 yards on the left of the 1st Platoon, and its sector extends into Wallersheim.

Although they were receiving no artillery or mortar fire, there was plenty of sniping from well-concealed positions on the east bank of the Rhine. Particularly well zeroed in by the snipers was the entrance to the company CP, and by the second day, the snipers must have thought they could use machine guns to better advantage, because they sure had 'em, and they sure used 'em. Not to any advantage though, for up to the time friendly pushed down from the north on the other side of the river and drove the enemy out, they didn’t received any casualties.

On the 30th, they left Coblenz-Neuendorf by truck at 1800, proceeded north, and crossed the Rhine a few miles below Remagen. From here they moved easterly, and arrived at Berzhahn at 0130 on the morning of the 31st. Berzhahn is about 10 miles due north of Limburg. At 1300 the 2nd Platoon was moved to the woods southwest of the town, and given the mission of patrolling by motor the area within the jurisdiction of the company. The 3rd Platoon was moved to Wengenroth, with a mission of keeping the civilians in tow. The 4th Platoon was moved to Willenrod with the mission of maintaining a checkpoint, plus keeping an eye on the civilians. The 1st Platoon remained in Berzhahn, and was given the same mission as the 4th Platoon.

By early April, the Division moved west of the Rhine and took up occupation duties in the area north of Aachen along the Holland-German border. Permanent occupation came two weeks later at the Saurland and Rhonish areas. In early July 1945, the 28th began its redeployment to the U.S.

My Grandfather was transferred to the 106th Division and waited to process out and head home; he had enough points to do so. The 28th was going to train and head to fight the Japanese. However, the war ended and the men were discharged. My Grandfather returned home October 1945 and was married in December of that year.

The Division was deactivated on December 13, 1945. Five campaign streamers - Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes-Alsace, Rhineland, and Central Europe - were earned during World War II, in addition to the Croix de Guerre.

My Grandfather had other stories to tell me. He did not say when they occurred. At 82 years old the dates are hard to remember. “One day the company runner had his leg blown off above the knee by an artillery shell. He wanted me to shoot him. I told him he would be okay and had to keep going. For all I know he could have bleed to death.”

“ I was digging a fox hole. My buddy was outside of the hole and placed his M-1 against a fence. An 88 shell landed near the rifle and put a hole about the size of a 16-inch softball in his back. He died instantly. I could not find a piece of that gun anywhere.”

“After the bulge we had several guys shoot themselves in one day. One guy shot his little toe off. Another guy shot himself through the hand and a third guy put the pickax through his calf.

Casualty Statistics

Entered Combat 27 July 1944
Days in Combat 196
Battle Casualties 15, 094
Non-battle Casualties 8, 936
Total Casualties 24, 840
% Turnover 176.3

WWII Awards and Citations

Congressional Metal of Honor: 1 (T/Sgt Francis J Clark, Co K, 109th Infantry Regiment, for 12 Sep 1944 action at the Our River near Kalborn, Luxembourg).
Distinguished Service Cross: 18
Distinguished Service Metal: 1
Legion of Merit: 8
Silver Star: 359
Soldier’s Metal: 15
Bronze Star: 2,627
Air Metal: 101

Presidential unit Citation

Awarded to the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. Officially Presented 17 August 1947 at Indiantown Gap

The 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team consisting of the 112th Infantry Regiment with the 229th Field Artillery Battalion, Company C, 103rd Engineering Battalion, Battery C 447th Antiaircraft Battalion and Company C 640th Tank Destroyer Battalion attached is cited for extraordinary heroism, efficiency and achievement in action against the enemy from 16 to 24 Dec 1944.

On 16 Dec 1944 the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team from Lutz Kampen, Germany to Lieler, Luxembourg was holding 6-1/2 miles of the front line sector assigned to the 28th Infantry Division. During the period 16 to 18 Dec 1944, despite repeated infantry and tank attacks involving the elements of nine enemy divisions, the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team held its ground. In this period it inflicted estimated casualties on the enemy of 1,600, including over 200 prisoners taken and successfully evacuated. All elements of the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team were involved in this action. The 229th Field Artillery Battalion was engaged in direct fire on the enemy at a range of 150 yards. The Cannon Company of the 112th Regiment and Company C 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion, by direct fire, succeeded in disabling 18 enemy tanks. Company C 103rd Engineering Battalion together with the 2nd Battalion 112th Infantry Regiment, repeatedly counter-attacked enemy penetrations. The Headquarters, Headquarters Company and Service Company manned the lines and drove off by fire a number of groups of the enemy, which had infiltrated into the rear areas. The Kitchens, being overrun on night of 16-17 Dec. 1944, the kitchen personnel fought with rifles to recover the positions. All this was done under withering small arms and artillery fire from enemy positions throughout the entire front. On the night of 17-18 Dec. 1944, under orders from higher headquarters, the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team was withdrawn to the high ground west of the Our River. This withdrawal was accomplished successfully in spite of strong enemy infiltration throughout the entire sector. From 18 until 23 Dec. 1944 the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team was continually engaged in rear guard action covering the withdrawal of the right flank of the First American Army.

On the night of 23-24 Dec. 1944, the action of the 112th Infantry Regimental Combat Team was especially notable. Being ordered by higher headquarters to act as a covering force for units withdrawing to the American lines, it held its position under furious enemy infantry and tank attacks until the Regimental Headquarters and 1st Battalion 112th Infantry were surrounded. The 1st Battalion then fought its way clear to friendly lines, bringing with it a number of vehicles and personnel of other units. The gallantry under extremely hazardous and physically trying conditions, the stubborn defense of the sectors assigned to them, and the heroic conduct of all personnel of the 112th Regimental Combat Team, in nine days of continuous fighting, exemplify the highest traditions of the armed forces of the United States.

A WW2 Unit History by Lt. Robert "Bud" Flynn
The 28th Infantry Division Association

Honor Roll
Abbott, Guy M., Jr. 36458657 PVT INF KIA 8.01.44
Adams, Conrad 36808152 PFC INF KIA 8.04.44
Adams, Donald E. 20311401 T SG INF KIA 8.10.44
Adkins, Benjamin S. 33047172 T SG INF DOW 8.06.44
Albu, Iver A. 37552066 PFC INF KIA 11.03.44
Allgood, Eddie W. 33042709 PFC INF KIA 8.03.44
Ames, Milton H. 32850987 PFC INF KIA 8.12.44
Anderson, Clyde H. 33042643 SSG INF KIA 8.02.44
Anderson, Gaylord L. 35712130 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Andreacola, Joseph W. 33491000 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Apostolo, Joe M. 38546665 PVT INF KIA 2.06.45
Arellano, Salvador P. 39114199 PVT INF KIA 8.06.44
Argula, John J. 42127127 PVT INF DOW 1.08.45
Armstrong, William 39837963 PFC INF KIA 8.12.44
Arnett, Elton B. 01306793 2 LT INF DOW 9.19.44
Atkinson, Thomas J., Jr. 36600409 PVT INF DOW 11.10.44
Baer, David A. 35210805 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Ball, Sidney J. 36454862 PFC INF KIA 9.27.44
Ballew, Ralph T. 34649072 SGT INF KIA 11.08.44
Bannister, Albert J. 32821841 PVT INF DOW 4.11.44
Barnett, Alfred 35657473 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Barney, Harley E. 35630176 PFC INF FOD 11.07.44
Bassler, John R. 35034838 T SG INF KIA 9.20.44
Batchelor, James E. 14007890 PVT INF KIA 8.04.44
Bates, Lawrence J. 32039349 S SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Beam, Arden D. 35112233 S SG INF KIA 8.09.44
Bean, John R. 34036042 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Beardslee, Howard W. 32254038 SGT INF KIA 11.08.44
Beaumont, James F. 42086835 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Becerra, Robert T. 35066798 PVT INF DOW 9.18.44
Bellow, Louis W. 13175555 PVT INF KIA 8.10.44
Benninger, Donald A. 20313118 TEC 4 MD FOD 12.20.44
Berline, Sherwood F. 20310827 S SG INF KIA 8.10.44
Beskin, Harold J. 42073619 PVT INF DOW 3.08.45
Best, Robert F., Jr. 33024353 SGT INF KIA 11.07.44
Bielinski, Stanley 33024162 SGT INF KIA 8.01.44
Biesiadecki, Harry A. 36469693 PVT INF KIA 1.23.45
Bik, Paul 31306116 PVT INF KIA 8.10.44
Billiot, Lovency, Jr. 34074650 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Bindig, William C. 36649495 S SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Bird, Bernard F. 32026828 S SG INF DOW 9.29.44
Bittinger, Mervin R. 33037707 SGT INF DOW 8.02.44
Black, Kenneth W. 33111392 S SG INF DOW 8.06.44
Blackeney, Charles S. 0-521862 CAPT INF DOW 9.02.44
Blakley, William F. 38695248 SGT INF KIA 2.05.45
Blanfield, David W. 39204531 PFC INF KIA 8.04.44
Blavat, Donald A. 36577225 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Bloom, Hyman 32821393 PFC INF KIA 11.06.44
Blore, Gilbert M. 32065726 TEC 4 INF DOW 8.13.44
Blosser, Lee R. 33884468 PVT INF KIA 11.13.44
Bolin, Edgar A. 14000787 PVT INF KIA 8.09.44
Bosak, Michael D., Jr. 16062895 T SG INF DOW 11.07.44
Boswell, Edward B. 35350149 TEC 5 INF KIA 8.01.44
Boucher, George K. 31284982 PVT INF KIA 8.11.44
Bourell, Lowell A. 35112070 PFC INF KIA 10.07.44
Bowers, Vernon D. 33727295 PVT INF DOW 11.03.44
Brader, Gordon F. 12207614 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Bradshaw, Charles W. 36780046 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Brandon, Audley 20312041 PVT INF KIA 8.01.44
Brasher, Preston, Jr. 38246205 PVT INF KIA 9.17.44
Brenoel, Kenneth C., Jr. 33711356 PFC INF KIA 9.20.44
Brewer, John H. 35423294 PFC INF KIA 8.10.44
Brezausek, Michael S. 35350147 SGT INF KIA 8.11.44
Briggs, John F. 39840211 PVT INF KIA 8.08.44
Bright, Kenneth W. 35868784 PFC MD KIA 11.08.44
Brown, George H. 37736806 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Brown, Jack W. 0-545163 2 LT INF FOD 11.09.44
Brown, Leonard C. 36176363 TEC 5 INF DOW 10.29.44
Brown, Martin E. 6711636 T SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Brown, Ralph J. 32132291 PFC INF KIA 11.03.44
Brozowski, Edward S. 33606723 PVT INF KIA 12.20.44
Bruce, William F. 01313373 1 LT INF DOI 11.08.44
Brugge, Merrill B. 32120111 PFC INF KIA 8.08.44
Bryant, James C. 34384810 PVT INF KIA 8.05.44
Buetina, John M. 36265511 S SG INF DOW 1.03.45
Burger, Henry J. 32039238 PFC INF KIA 11.04.44
Burgett, Harry 35350046 PFC INF KIA 8.02.44
Burkel, Jerome C. 36238460 PFC INF DOW 8.07.44
Burkhardt, Willard A. 36765678 PFC INF DOW 8.12.44
Burlingham, Harry E. 31285701 PFC INF KIA 8.04.44
Burns, David H. 01295660 1 LT INF DOW 8.08.44
Butler, Eddis A. 32130158 SGT INF KIA 8.10.44
Butler, Sammy 34707349 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Byrne, Vincent F. 01319377 2 LT INF KIA 8.01.44
Callaway, George 6809814 PVT INF KIA 8.15.44
Callies, Norman E. 36265951 PFC INF KIA 8.11.44
Cameron, John C. 20312726 T SG INF DOW 8.09.44
Canfield, Lewis C. 32670090 PFC INF KIA 8.12.44
Cannon, Leo L. 35475235 S SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Cappellino, Frank K. 32550397 PFC INF KIA 11.09.44
Caprifo, Thomas G. 33920449 PVT INF FOD 9.18.44
Carl, Earl H. 33111435 PFC INF KIA 8.12.44
Caroli, Homer E. 01311483 1 LT INF KIA 11.08.44
Carp, Joseph F. 42116130 PFC INF KIA 1.29.45
Carpenter, Delton O. 38599267 PFC INF DOW 1.29.45
Carroll, Charles D., Jr. 34982626 PFC INF KIA 1.07.45
Carson, Joseph 33716276 PVT INF FOD 11.04.44
Carter, Wilford L. 35831995 PFC INF DOW 12.30.44
Casper, Charles T. 33017284 T SG INF KIA 2.26.45
Chaplin, Dana L. 31323730 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Chapman, Chancey R. 35780886 PVT INF KIA 1.31.45
Charles, Leonard L. 33881692 PVT INF KIA 1.24.45
Chavez, Jesus A. 38217231 PFC INF DOW 11.02.44
Cheek, James C., Jr. 33047156 T SG INF KIA 7.31.44
Chenoweth, C. H., Jr. 35848673 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Chippi, George 35048548 PFC INF KIA 12.20.44
Chodnicki, Ambrose 33615895 PVT INF KIA 2.04.45
Chouinard, Lawrence R. 31317532 PFC INF KIA 11.02.44
Clark, Emmett P. 20311635 SGT INF KIA 1.07.45
Clemens, Clayton C. 36455465 S SG INF KIA 1.08.45
Cobb, Harold K. 20310831 PFC INF KIA 9.22.44
Collins, William S., Jr. 35449994 PFC INF KIA 12.17.44
Confer, Charles R. 33933074 PFC INF KIA 12.29.44
Conklin, Clarence B. 20311636 T SG INF KIA 9.14.44
Conley, John K. 34761916 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Conte, Pasquale G. 31330232 PFC INF KIA 8.01.44
Cook, Milimann R. 31299826 PFC INF KIA 8.08.44
Cook, Norman G. 36577596 S SG INF KIA 11.09.44
Cook, Robert N. 42053056 PVT INF DOW 11.05.44
Cookson, Lyle J. 20310246 SGT INF DOW 11.09.44
Cooper, Gerald H. 36307091 S SG INF KIA 12.16.44
Corbine, Charles B. 16071620 PFC INF KIA 8.11.44
Corcoran, Donald E. 31407949 PVT INF KIA 11.04.44
Cord, Robert L. 36111500 PFC INF KIA 8.03.44
Corratini, Peter A. 36903849 PFC INF DOW 1.30.45
Corron, George W., Jr. 33628972 PFC INF KIA 9.17.44
Corvello, Fred A. 39640157 SGT INF KIA 11.09.44
Coseboon, Howard B. 36639478 PVT INF DOW 8.02.44
Coyle, Charles W. 33934035 PFC INF KIA 12.16.44
Crandall, David E. 36145231 PFC INF KIA 3.08.45
Crane, Harry S., Jr. 36875015 CPL INF KIA 12.30.44
Crane, Ora H. 20631413 PVT INF KIA 8.09.44
Cranfill, M. D. 38671621 PVT INF DOW 11.12.44
Cripps, Howard C. 32039271 S SG INF KIA 12.16.44
Crisp, James L. 37583585 PVT INF KIA 12.20.44
Crump, Harold L., Jr. 31365702 PVT INF KIA 8.03.44
Cruse, Jake 35152551 PVT INF KIA 9.08.44
Cuellar, Leonard 36626049 PFC INF FOD 11.09.44
Cully, John G. 36905765 PVT INF KIA 2.02.45
Cuozzo, Michael 42068233 PFC INF KIA 11.04.44
Curtin, John F., Jr. 0-463914 1 LT INF KIA 8.03.44
Cushing, Ernest, Jr. 32756098 TEC 5 MD KIA 9.14.44
Cyganoski, Joseph J. 31341888 PFC INF KIA 8.07.44
Dahl, Carroll E. 37551382 SGT INF KIA 11.08.44
Dahlin, Robert H. 31385297 PVT INF KIA 8.02.44
Dainotto, James V. 01297167 1 LT INF KIA 12.23.44
Danforth, Roy M., Sr. 15101370 S SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Daniel, Don A., Jr. 34986611 PVT INF KIA 12.29.44
Danna, Anthony 36607773 SGT INF KIA 11.09.44
Danter, Thomas W. 33709268 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Darlington, Fred C. 33857154 PVT INF KIA 2.02.45
Davidson, John F. 36734550 PVT INF KIA 8.08.44
Davis, Charles L. 37631794 PFC INF KIA 10.29.44
Davis, Harding A. 32023356 PVT INF KIA 9.20.44
Davis, Robert E. 35542518 PFC INF KIA 12.31.44
Day, Lawrence E. 33739926 PFC MD KIA 9.01.44
De Benedicti, Henry 32919909 PVT INF KIA 12.02.44
De Bon, Robert D. 32670112 PFC INF KIA 8.04.44
De Frates, Manuel D. 36324969 S SG INF KIA 11.07.44
De Luca, Frank B. 37550235 PVT INF KIA 8.09.44
De Santis, Frank A. 32253967 PFC INF KIA 9.18.44
Deal, George A. 20312047 PFC INF KIA 8.02.44
Dec, Stanley 0-392568 CAPT INF KIA 12.20.44
Delaney, Delmar A. 36372055 PFC INF KIA 11.05.44
Delay, Joseph R. 39406818 SGT INF KIA 11.02.44
Denton, Ollie M. 34001317 SGT INF KIA 8.03.44
Deptula, Joseph P. 16068725 PFC INF KIA 2.15.45
Derouin, Walter L. 32387573 PFC INF DOW 8.18.44
Desimone, Patrick J. 32153684 SGT INF DOW 12.18.44
Devine, Robert A., Jr. 32024581 T SG INF KIA 8.09.44
Di Manzio, Frank 32077189 PFC INF KIA 9.17.44
Diecks, Robert C. 01293381 1 LT INF KIA 8.12.44
Digman, Clarence A. 35072634 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Dingus, Teddy M. 39239650 PFC INF KIA 8.10.44
Dobrinsky, John 33601855 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Dolan, William J. 01322902 1 LT INF KIA 12.21.44
Dong, Marshall K. 39123302 PFC INF KIA 9.20.44
Donovan, Robert J. 31327705 SGT INF DOW 11.13.44
Downey, Ralph B. 33882304 SGT INF KIA 1.07.45
Drenk, Stanley H. 39721655 PFC INF DOW 1.03.45
Du Bose, Frank S. 01316537 1 LT INF KIA 11.02.44
Duda, Paul M. 36731480 PVT INF KIA 8.10.44
Duke, Charles F. 34802225 PFC INF KIA 8.07.44
Duncan, Edwin 31341584 SGT INF DOW 8.09.44
Easton, Alexander 36902941 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Ecclestone, John D. 15302037 PFC INF KIA 12.16.44
Eddy, Lawrence O. 36145051 PFC INF DOW 8.10.44
Eichelberg, Willard W. 36607994 SGT INF KIA 9.19.44
Emme, John P. 39557475 PFC INF KIA 8.07.44
Endy, Melvin K. 33111413 SGT INF KIA 11.09.44
Escobar, George J. 31171706 PFC INF KIA 12.17.44
Evanoff, Bill M. 37477582 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Evans, Charles H. 37486832 PFC INF DOW 11.05.44
Evans, Lawrence R. 37698772 PVT INF KIA 1.07.45
Faoll, Thomas R. 20312725 S SG INF KIA 11.06.44
Farr, Olin K. 01293567 1 LT INF KIA 8.04.44
Farrell, John J., Jr. 11099534 S SG INF FOD 11.09.44
Farrior, Julian W. 01316543 1 LT INF KIA 11.09.44
Feiner, Jacob PFC LUX 6.25.45
Ferrari, Alfred L. 33809229 PFC INF KIA 12.29.44
Ferraro, Leonard, Jr. 33934843 PVT INF KIA 12.16.44
Ferry, Robert S. 20311644 S SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Fetyko, Charles W. 0-384330 MAJ INF DOW 8.08.44
Fields, Clifford L. 20310449 PVT INF KIA 8.01.44
Figard, William H. 34798177 PVT INF KIA 9.20.44
Filippetti, Ernest A. 32254043 S SG INF KIA 8.01.44
Finch, Willis L. 33024175 SGT INF KIA 10.07.44
Fink, Gerald M. 37698976 PVT INF DOW 1.10.45
Finnearty, William E. 35847918 PVT INF KIA 1.02.45
Finnegan, Quentin J. 35535423 PFC INF KIA 1.07.45
Finton, William C. 20310645 SGT INF KIA 8.01.44
Firenza, Frank J. 32024905 CPL INF KIA 12.16.44
Fish, Ralph 33100612 PFC INF KIA 8.12.44
Fitzpatrick, Phillip 35767516 PFC INF KIA 11.09.44
Flanagan, John D. 34493320 SGT INF KIA 11.02.44
Flick, John F. 36325584 S SG INF FOD 8.03.44
Flores, Dolores 38560428 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Flynn, William R., Jr. 0-445913 1 LT INF KIA 8.15.44
Foley, William T. 33024622 S SG INF KIA 8.12.44
Fontocone, Pat V. 32936806 PFC INF KIA 8.08.44
Forsten, Arvid C. 36194894 PFC INF KIA 8.03.44
Foster, Robert R. 38536844 PFC INF KIA 11.06.44
Fowler, Fred M. 34892700 PFC INF KIA 11.09.44
Fox, Milford L. 35868979 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Frankel, William L. 33681289 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Fredricksen, Earl L. 39239864 SGT INF KIA 9.17.44
Freeman, Herbert G. 34766176 PFC INF KIA 9.17.44
Fritz, Donald E. 330241__ S SG INF KIA 11.08.44
Fuller, Robert J. 367421_1 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Fullerton, John E. 322_3852 S SG INF DOW 9.18.44
Fulmer, Paul G. 34810331 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Galbraith, Morton G. 36649047 SGT INF KIA 9.17.44
Gamel, Willard C. 38566262 PVT INF KIA 9.19.44
Gant, Lee J. 36476562 PVT INF KIA 12.23.44
Garcia, Ruben 39_62251 PVT INF KIA 8.04.44
Gardner, Lewis, Sr. 3377397_ PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Garrett, George H. 320393_0 SGT INF KIA 8.04.44
Garrick, Harry D. 14007343 PVT INF KIA 12.20.44
Garrison, Claud M. 33475221 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Gatins, John A. 34084368 PVT INF KIA 8.02.44
Giacherio, Domenic J. 3_3500__ PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Giardello, C. P. 3144537_ PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Gibas, John J. 375968__ PVT INF KIA 1.07.45
Gibson, Joseph W. 20310_1_ SF INF KIA 11.07.44
Gibson, Richard T. 203005__ PVT INF KIA 8.02.44
Gilpin, Edward A. __1301__ PVT INF KIA 12.20.44
Ginn, Andrew F. __7331__ PVT INF KIA 2.01.45
Glassman, Jack __7_4__0 PVT INF DOW 2.21.45
Goblirsch, Maurice R. 3___66_3 PFC INF KIA 2.03.45
Godfrey, Albert C. _6__71__ PFC INF KIA 8.11.44
Goldberger, S. R. 3___39_8 PFC INF KIA 12.20.44
Golden, Vernon N. 3_610___ PFC INF KIA 11.06.44
Gonsiewski, Benjamin 333_89_0 PFC INF DOW 9.19.44
Gonzales, Furmin J. ____3___ PVT INF KIA 11.09.44
Gonzalez, Ray H. 36373263 PFC INF KIA 8.04.44
Goodman, Herman L. 3_1760_8 PFC INF KIA 9.19.44
Goral, Alexander F. 33024579 PFC INF KIA 1.06.45
Gousset, Edward P. 39_39771 S SG INF KIA 8.10.44
Gowins, William E. 3_2451_8 PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Grass, Arthur W. 37519099 PVT INF DOW 8.04.44
Gray, Wilbert L. 20312253 SGT INF KIA 8.01.44
Greathouse, Ronald C. 141199__ S SG INF KIA 8.03.44
Green, Cornish B. 34875252 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
Green, John R. 0_3_0739 1 LT INF KIA 8.01.44
Green, John W. 3_745__0 S SG INF KIA 12.17.44
Greennay, Leonard F. __75211_ PVT INF KIA 11.08.44
Gregor, Raymond F. 335117_0 PFC INF KIA 8.12.44
Gregorio, Johnny E. 33791540 PFC INF KIA 11.02.44
Greiner, Robert C. 32669990 PFC INF KIA 8.06.44
Grice, James E. 7001290 PVT INF KIA 8.07.44
Grimes, Thomas F. 33051241 SGT INF DOW 12.20.44
Grivette, Athel L. 39127743 PVT INF KIA 7.28.44
Grodzwick, Edwin 12153391 PFC INF KIA 8.10.44
Gronsky, Frank M. 36630051 PFC INF KIA 8.09.44
Groth, Jack R. 35147467 PFC INF KIA 1.23.45
Gruszecki, Leo G. 36645248 PFC INF KIA 8.03.44
Gumont, Tony 35756677 PVT INF KIA 11.06.44
Gunnos, Joseph H. 35654719 CPL INF FOD 11.10.45
Gunther, Richard L. 36572647 PFC INF DOW 11.06.44
Gurian, Samuel 32020794 PVT INF KIA 8.01.44
Gurtner, Ernst H. 36990724 PFC INF KIA 2.04.45
Gvatsky, Alexander 20310493 S SG INF DOW 8.13.44
Haas, Walter A. 16127066 PVT MD KIA
Habel, Clement J. 36816985 PVT INF KIA
Hace, Robert I. 36460011 PFC INF KIA
Hahn, Arthur C. 31327696 PVT INF DOW
Hall, Carnegie R. 34331386 PFC INF KIA
Hamaker, Paul L. 39591905 PVT INF KIA
Hamblen, Doyce L. 38344250 PFC INF KIA
Hames, Buford 34651961 SGT INF KIA
Hamilton, Melvin A. 33066973 CPL INF KIA
Hanby, Raymond P. 20312024 SGT INF KIA
Handzerlia, Anthony J. 33017444 S SG INF KIA
Hanlon, Clyde D. 39201027 PFC INF FOD
Hansen, Reed E. 39924394 PFC INF KIA
Hardaway, Guy H. 34835257 PFC INF KIA
Hardy, Charles R. 36902431 PVT INF KIA
Harrison, Lamon L. 34871342 PFC INF KIA
Hartel, Glenn C. 37244616 PFC INF KIA
Hartinger, Joseph H. 37303274 PVT INF DOW
Hartnett, William F. 32670459 PFC INF KIA
Harvey, William N. 32037747 PFC INF KIA
Hasenohrl, Edward J. 36267012 S SG INF KIA
Haslett, John B. 31306070 PFC INF KIA
Hauptman, David 32378057 PFC INF DOW
Hawkins, Charles O. 36056505 TEC 5 INF KIA
Hawkins, Robert W. 36887998 S SG INF KIA
Hazel, Frank R. 0-393665 1 LT INF KIA
Hearst, Elvin H., Jr. 33647758 TEC 5 INF KIA
Heath, James R. 33654652 PVT INF FOD
Hedden, Donald E. 01325005 2 LT INF KIA
Hedrick, Francis E. 36194833 PFC INF KIA
Hedstrom, Joseph W. 20311601 T SG INF KIA
Heilman, Don C. 35604293 PFC INF DOW
Heimburg, Allen J. 32130028 S SG INF KIA
Henderson, Leonard M. 33042693 PFC INF FOD
Hendricks, Wilder L. 34887038 PVT INF KIA
Hensley, George B. 15118144 S SG INF KIA
Henson, Horace, Jr. 01308765 2 LT INF KIA
Hepola, Ervin E. 37596718 PFC INF KIA
Herbert, Lemuel M. 33023842 SGT INF KIA
Herbo, John, Jr. 01319208 1 LT INF KIA
Herman, John S. 36778934 PFC INF KIA
Hernandez, Henry C. 39240243 PVT INF KIA
Hester, Frank _6398518 SGT INF KIA
Heurich, William H. 33034759 PFC MD KIA
Hines, Walker _7087626 PVT INF FOD
Hinton, James W., 3rd. 34838384 PVT INF KIA
Hitcher, Washburn 39709805 PFC INF KIA
Hiter, John W. 38603319 PVT INF KIA
Hites, Max C. 2031049_ SGT INF KIA
Hobbs, Albert C., Jr. 42116183 PVT INF KIA
Hodge, Ernest W. 36370449 PFC INF KIA
Hodgens, Ralph J. 34894792 PVT INF KIA
Hoffman, Sherman H. 42122179 PVT INF DOW
Hogan, John J. 36784001 PFC INF KIA
Holmes, Leonard C. 35475225 PFC INF KIA
Hong, Quan 39003371 TEC 4 INF KIA
Hoover, Howard R. 20312890 PVT INF DOW
Hoover, William F. 20312412 SGT INF KIA
Hornbuckle, Wilburn L. 34834924 PG INF KIA
Horner, Junior D. 38588671 PG INF DOW
Horvath, Louis L. 36395774 PFC INF KIA
Hough, Gerald E. __85522_ PFC INF KIA
Houseknecht, Gilbert 3213014_ TEC 4 MD DOW
Howard, Newton N. 345_3520 PVT INF KIA
Howard, Robert 313_8431 PVT MD KIA
Howell, Glen 38450091 TEC 5 INF KIA
Huggins, Frank D. 34515997 PVT INF FOD
Huhanick, Stephen 42132846 PVT INF DOW
Hume, William P. 3_466414 PFC INF KIA
Hummel, Thomas J. ____99__ PVT INF DOW
Hummer, John J. 33066957 SGT INF KIA
Hunter, James O. 37_913__ PFC INF KIA
Hyam, Walter 202_8762 PFC INF FOD
Hycner, Walter J. 32130076 PFC INF KIA 8.3.44
Imburcia, Anthony J. 3223_0__ PFC INF KIA
Impellizzeri, A. D. 3218823_ S SG INF KIA
Ingram, George W., Jr. 36370555 PVT INF KIA
Isley, George E. 37236728 PVT INF KIA
Iverson, Clayton L. 3_7763__ PFC INF KIA
Jacklin, Edward W. 3639502_ S SG INF KIA
Jackson, James B. 35475186 S SG INF KIA
Jacobs, Evert C. 37349996 PFC INF KIA
Jakovac, John 36194813 PFC INF KIA
Jakubowski, Tony 35112027 PFC INF KIA
James, Olin A. 34002731 SGT INF KIA
Jankowski, Edward J. 36370561 PVT INF KIA
Janoske, Bernard J. 32929929 PVT INF KIA
Jaroazewski, Edward A. 36325509 PFC INF KIA
Jasinski, Eugene J. 322__9870 PFC INF KIA
Jenakovich, Frank J. 3350869_ PFC INF KIA
Jensen, Neal A. 39240130 PFC INF DOW
John, Ralph J. 33034921 PVT MD DOW
Johnson, Alvin R. 33044553 PFC INF KIA
Johnson, Francis J. 36195160 S SG INF KIA
Johnson, James W. 36145444 PFC INF KIA
Johnson, James W. 34925570 PVT INF KIA
Johnson, Lewis F. 34890614 PVT INF DOW
Johnson, Melvin A. 36395725 PVT INF KIA
Johnson, Ole J. 37586124 PVT INF KIA
Johnson, Rudolph M. 36238346 S SG INF KIA
Johnston, Arthur C. 20311854 S SG INF KIA
Jones, Edward T., Jr. 31020148 SGT INF FOD
Jones, Howard M. 36372081 S SG INF KIA
Jones, Russell R. 36903881 PVT INF KIA
Jones, Stephen R. 39926998 PFC INF KIA
Jones, Vernon D. 32737111 PFC INF KIA
Jordon, Daniel M. 35721686 PVT INF KIA
Justice, Charles E. 33000846 PVT INF KIA
Kabalkin, Isadore 32801119 CPL INF KIA
Kaempf, Frederick B. 36325110 PFC INF KIA
Kajm, Stanley F. 32130045 S SG INF KIA
Kaldem, Leo C. 36780096 SGT INF KIA
Kangas, Eli A. 36195313 PFC INF KIA
Kangas, Emil 36194936 PFC INF KIA
Kaplan, Sidney 36370805 PFC INF KIA
Karchner, Willard N. 35529437 TEC 5 INF KIA
Kasprzak, Leonard V. 36536073 S SG INF KIA
Kavalesky, Anthony J. 33024224 PFC INF KIA
Keaton, Earnest G. 36617925 PVT INF KIA
Keegan, Ambrose H. 39620352 PFC INF KIA
Kennedy, Joseph E. 35778073 PVT INF FOD
Kennedy, Marshall W. 35348170 S SG INF KIA
Kevedras, John F. 36645597 PFC INF KIA
Kichan, Alex N. 33101098 SGT INF KIA
Kielbasa, Frank 36379307 PFC INF KIA
Kieva, Edward R. Z. 33934641 PFC INF KIA
Kilian, Oscar H., Jr. 31261604 PFC INF KIA
Kimble, Robert A. 36454987 PVT INF KIA
Kine, Carl F., Jr. 14034785 PFC INF FOD
King, John F. 37698888 PVT INF KIA
King, Manuel E. 36591925 PVT INF KIA
King, Norman S. 33846210 PVT INF KIA
King, Thomas R. 39412783 PFC INF KIA
King, William P. 36480485 PVT MD KIA
Klapach, Frank S. 33101104 PFC INF KIA
Kleine, Charles H. 37503252 PFC INF KIA
Klepfer, Robert E. 36771672 PFC INF KIA
Kline, Joe 36695535 PFC INF KIA
Klingensmith, James O. 33700635 S SG INF KIA
Klingensmith, Richard 20310888 T SG INF KIA
Klinger, Richard E. 20312027 TEC 5 INF KIA
Klir, Frank C. 33037178 PFC INF KIA 9.18.44
Knesel, Joseph J. 38511006 PVT INF KIA
Knight, James L. 34658694 PFC INF KIA
Knoll, Gregory V. 37354966 SGT INF KIA
Kollath, Ernest F. 36238497 PFC INF KIA
Kortte, Raynold 36376431 PFC INF KIA
Kotwitz, Earl R. 36237551 PFC INF KIA
Kowalski, Ladislaw F. 36467016 PFC INF DOW
Kraft, Raymond W. 20312610 S SG INF KIA
Krajczynski, Steve A. 20311269 PFC INF DOW
Kranz, Joseph W. 36372492 SGT INF KIA
Kreuter, Carlyle 42052399 PVT INF KIA
Krivanec, Clarke E. 39908133 PFC INF KIA
Kudiak, Tony 20312736 T SG INF KIA
Kuechel, Elwood E. 39247998 PFC INF KIA
Kuechle, Raymond F. 32130059 S SG INF KIA
Kuehl, Lester V. 36266603 SGT INF KIA
Kukla, Stanley A. 32670184 TEC 5 MD KIA
Kuntz, William C. 33764557 PFC INF KIA
Kurczyna, Charles P. J. 32587623 PFC INF KIA
Kusch, Donald J. 36607717 PFC INF KIA
Kusek, Chester J. 36691457 CPL INF KIA
Kuszaj, Stanley J. 37181930 TEC 4 MD KIA
Labate, Peter A. 33600227 CPL INF KIA
Lackovic, John H. 20311241 S SG INF KIA
Ladd, Kenneth L. 38565791 PFC INF KIA
Ladouceur, Raymond R. 42120314 PVT INF KIA
LaFlamme, Roy 32254053 PFC INF KIA
LaFollette, Gaynor L. 33662791 PVT INF KIA
Lagomarsino, Joseph 39143158 PVT MD DOW
Lalich, George J. 36679862 SGT INF DOW
Lamb, Robert M. 36481250 PVT MD KIA
Landon, Charles H. 36175819 S SG INF KIA
Lang, Louis 36437607 PFC INF KIA
Langdale, Thomas A. 34782926 PVT INF KIA
LaRose, Joseph L. 42140467 PFC INF DOW
LaRowe, Philip A. 31331081 PFC INF DOW
Lasewicz, Walter P. 35602618 PFC MD KIA
Latino, Frances J. 31363442 PVT INF KIA
Laubach, Merbitt R. 33024366 SGT INF DOW
Lavin, Edwin P. 01292719 1 LT INF KIA
Leake, James F. 33559768 PVT INF KIA
LeClair, Donald J. 31318141 SGT INF KIA
Lefever, Joseph L. 33502131 PFC INF KIA
Legrand, Jasper L. 36951329 PVT INF DOW
Leising, Cletus F. 32130150 S SG INF KIA
Lepore, Jerry L. 31454620 PVT INF KIA
Lewis, Bernard B. 39285435 SGT INF KIA
Lewis, Harvey K., Sr. 33836277 PVT INF KIA
Liedy, Lester L. 32579954 PFC INF KIA
Lihota, John W. 35350135 PFC INF KIA
Littlewales, Roy W. 32204571 T SG INF KIA
Lizak, Frank J. 36643789 PFC INF KIA
Loar, Harold R. 36145374 S SG INF KIA
Loca, Michael, Jr. 32253622 S SG INF KIA
Logan, Clarence W. 15054762 PVT INF KIA
Lohmann, Gunther S. 36888147 PFC INF DOI
Loncar, Michael 15171452 PFC INF FOD
Loonis, Harold E. 32254054 SGT INF KIA
Lord, Donald R. 20310422 S SG INF KIA
Lovur, Pete 33101069 PVT INF KIA
Luce, Robert C. 20312832 S SG INF KIA
Lussier, Joseph L. 42115122 PVT INF KIA
Lynes, Robert E. 31454791 PVT INF KIA
Lynn, Felmer L. 34963373 PFC INF KIA
Lyons, John J., Jr. 35475020 CPL INF KIA
MacDonald, Kenneth L. 32253943 PFC INF KIA
Maciejewski, Norbert 36371450 PFC INF KIA
Mack, Richard L. 39421192 PVT INF DOW
Madsen, Aage 36756623 PFC INF KIA
Magdziarz, Jerome J. 36371748 S SG INF KIA
Magill, John H. 20360562 SGT INF KIA
Mahan, John T., Jr. 36607921 PFC INF KIA
Maher, John J. 36370904 PFC INF KIA
Maissen, Joe F. 39179402 PFC INF KIA
Makin, Charles W. 33934282 PFC INF KIA
Manchester, Harold E. 31288396 PFC INF FOD
Mancini, Joseph J. 12206288 PVT INF KIA 9.01.44
Mangan, Donald E. 37449949 PFC INF KIA
Marlowe, Leslie R. 36400035 S SG INF KIA
Marsh, Frederick R. 12072078 PFC INF KIA
Martenson, Waldo B. 36371065 S SG INF KIA
Martin, Bryan C. 34624890 PFC INF KIA
Martin, Robert D. 35216431 S SG INF KIA
Martin, Russell J. 36194790 SGT INF KIA
Mascette, Leonard J. 32253945 TEC 4 INF KIA
Mason, Donald W. 33902612 PVT INF KIA
Mathews, Frank W. 32778733 PVT INF KIA
Mathiesen, Gilbert H. 37549993 PFC INF DOW
Matthiesen, Lawrence 36373025 PFC INF DOW
Matulewicz, Edward J. 20311408 S SG INF KIA
Maxwell, Samuel R. 37578522 PFC INF KIA
May, Henry J. 36379664 PVT INF KIA
Mayrhofen, Orville D. 38694276 PVT INF KIA
McBride, Gerald R. 20313121 SGT INF KIA
McCluskey, Thomas C. 42115124 PVT INF FOD
McCutcheon, Fred W. 35433649 PVT INF FOD
McDonell, Kenneth J. 32252661 PFC INF DOW
McGan, Willard M. 6661742 T SG INF KIA
McHenry, Lester E. 20310658 PVT INF KIA
McKee, Merwin 0-466487 1 LT INF KIA
McKeighan, Victor C. 36600049 S SG INF KIA
McKeown, Charles J. 20343941 S SG INF KIA
Mckinley, John A. 0-422571 CAPT INF KIA
McLaughlin, Edward J. 20310654 1 LT INF KIA
McLaughlin, Richard 20311830 PFC INF KIA
McLavic, Leo, Jr. 36175812 PVT INF KIA
McMenamy, James W. 36370983 PFC INF KIA
McNeill, Joseph E. 31306160 PFC INF KIA
Meegan, Joseph M. 16127723 PFC INF KIA
Meilahn, Edward R. 36612355 PFC INF KIA
Merlock, Joseph C. 42080273 PVT INF FOD
Merrick, William E. 32315673 1 SG INF KIA
Merrill, Lonnie E. 34898539 PVT INF KIA
Metz, Herbert L. 13176332 PFC INF KIA
Metzker, James P., Jr. 39202827 PFC INF KIA
Meushaw, Carey L. 01305964 1 LT INF KIA
Michalik, John S. 31325495 PFC INF KIA
Mikesell, John O. 01316184 1 LT INF KIA
Militello, Mercurio 35477168 SGT INF KIA
Miller, Cloyce H. 16108157 SGT INF KIA
Miller, Kenneth C. 36267125 SGT INF KIA
Miller, Leroy B., Jr. 35893147 PVT INF FOD
Miller, Martin J. 36266071 PVT INF KIA
Miller, Walter F. 36644730 PFC INF KIA
Miller, William S. 01312196 2 LT INF KIA
Mills, Lennis O. 37733553 PVT INF KIA
Minke, John J. 20311659 PVT INF DOW
Molinosky, Russell B. 16062846 S SG INF KIA
Moncado, John J. 36372844 PFC INF KIA
Monson, Charles F. 0-411306 CAPT INF KIA
Montgomery, Charles J. 33587560 PFC INF KIA
Moore, Frank C. 36881357 SGT INF FOD
Moore, Walter L. 33597210 SGT INF DOW
Morehead, Ralph C. 33051326 SGT INF KIA
Morris, Harry 01286535 CAPT INF KIA
Morris, Ralph 36145083 SGT INF KIA
Morrone, Louis 36645633 PFC INF KIA
Moss, Thomas O. 33046620 T SG INF KIA
Motush, Leo E. 35350157 PFC INF DOW
Mowels, William V. 34723155 PFC INF KIA
Moyar, Wilson A. 20310372 PVT INF KIA
Moyer, Kenneth A. 32254057 PVT INF KIA
Moyer, William H. 33111441 PFC INF KIA
Mucci, Alfred 31052055 PVT INF KIA
Mueller, Francis H. 36643786 PVT INF DOW
Muirhead, John A. 36854209 PFC INF KIA
Mulligan, Robert E. 33716417 PVT INF KIA
Murphy, Robert D. 35223433 PVT INF KIA
Murr, Albert 36373724 SGT INF FOD
Murray, Milton L. 34963761 PFC INF KIA
Murtaugh, John J. 36325524 S SG INF KIA
Musolff, Leroy O. 0-887515 2 LT INF KIA
Myers, Robert W. 36367029 PFC INF KIA
Nagel, Lorenz 37684848 PVT INF DOW
Nardin, Max 36785058 PVT INF KIA
Navorsky, John B. 33024155 S SG INF KIA
Neikirk, Robert A. 33067374 TEC 5 INF KIA
Nelson, Stamford M. 01311917 1 LT INF KIA
Nesbit, Thomas G 20212364 S SG INF KIA
Newirth, Sam 32821483 PVT INF KIA
Nick, Cletus E. 20310351 PFC INF KIA
Nickerson, Holbert D. 35111974 PFC INF KIA
Nielsen, Leo R. O1296890 1 LT INF KIA
Niskanen, John A. 16071591 PFC INF KIA
Nobles, Wastle 34547932 PFC INF KIA
Nordlie, Edwin T. 36266093 PFC INF KIA
Novak, Felix G. 32060553 PVT INF KIA
Novak, Mitchell J. 33292064 PVT INF KIA
Noyce, Donald E. 36266124 PFC INF KIA
Nyberg, Lee O. 0-353381 MAJ INF DOW
O'Bryant, James L., Sr. 34898607 PFC INF FOD
O'Byrne, George O. 33047186 PVT INF KIA
O'Callaghan, Thomas E. 42059349 PVT INF KIA
O'Crowley, Daniel J. 37547122 PFC INF KIA
Oaks, Floyd F. 37533244 SGT INF KIA
Offenstein, William F. 36267115 T SG INF DOW
Ogden, John H., Jr. 33798068 PVT INF KIA
Orr, Harold C. 32582729 PFC INF KIA
Ostrowski, John J. 33711187 S SG INF KIA
Ott, Ralph A. 36808223 PFC INF KIA
Owles, Arthur J. 20607604 PVT INF KIA
Oyler, Keith D. 20312835 PVT INF KIA
Pacheco, Raymond P. 38143540 PFC INF KIA
Parker, George H. 35845477 PVT INF KIA
Parry, Edward 31384601 PVT INF KIA
Passalaqua, Victor M. 35916878 PVT MD KIA
Payne, Billy B. 34921925 PVT INF KIA
Pearson, Floyd A. 35147663 PFC INF KIA
Peel, Charles J. 33024064 SGT INF KIA
Pekovsky, Alexander 20300025 PVT INF DOW
Pelech, Andrew 32230669 PFC INF KIA
Peltz, Jacob H. 36372040 PVT INF KIA
Pepin, Armand 31267409 PFC INF KIA
Persic, Anthony G. 39840199 SGT INF KIA
Peters, Lloyd W. 20310747 PFC INF KIA
Peters, Melvin F. 33533556 PFC INF KIA
Peterson, Carl E. 36606988 SGT INF KIA
Peterson, William M. 20311057 PVT INF KIA
Phillips, Jamie R. 34898745 PFC INF KIA
Phillips, John E. 33694758 PFC INF KIA
Phillips, Radford W. 34948714 PVT INF KIA
Phillips, Ray A. 33715824 PVT INF KIA
Pickney, Lesley E. 38510521 PVT INF KIA
Pietersanti, Alexander 32588124 PFC INF KIA
Pinto, John, Jr. 33111648 PFC INF KIA
Pipino, Pasquale J. 32877747 PFC INF KIA
Pitman, Bruce M. 36317726 T SG INF KIA
Pitts, Harold 34900534 PFC INF KIA
Pizer, Gordon M. 39236554 PFC INF KIA
Plansky, Clarence A. 36195178 SGT INF KIA
Polinik, Joseph 32154042 PFC INF KIA
Polyak, Michael J. 3683157 PFC INF KIA
Poole, William D. 20312278 S SG INF KIA
Popavero, Andrew A. 42113278 PVT INF KIA
Popielarski, Andrew A. 36808365 PFC INF KIA
Popilock, William 33587612 PFC INF KIA
Popple, Ray E. 36905322 PVT INF FOD
Potter, Joe L. 7085418 PVT INF KIA
Powell, Charles L. 33000856 S SG INF KIA
Powell, Dwight S. 36785798 PVT INF KIA
Powell, Wesley H. 36577535 SGT INF DOW
Price, Robert C. 20811629 S SG INF KIA
Privette, Isaac D. 33049326 PVT INF KIA
Procopio, Salvatore F. 1060934 2 LT INF KIA
Prosser, Russell L. 38441610 PVT INF KIA
Proffitt, Edred E. 35293230 PFC INF KIA
Puchalski, Stanley J. 15320998 PVT INF KIA
Qualls, Willie B. 34708397 PVT INF KIA
Quattreone, George 32991392 PVT INF KIA
Quimby, George A. 01319440 2 LT INF KIA
Quimby, Warren B. 31267382 PFC INF KIA
Quinn, George J. 32836153 SGT INF KIA
Radoslovich, Charles 01325517 2 LT INF KIA
Rahm, John C. 36265750 PFC INF DOW
Rainey, Mosey C. 34831866 PFC INF KIA
Rapko, Michael 33591228 PFC INF KIA
Raz, James J. 36639813 PFC INF KIA
Reab, Lyle W. 37448195 PVT INF KIA
Rector, Roy M. 34975649 PVT INF DOW
Regelman, Norman C. 33714398 PFC INF KIA
Rehm, Edward J. 35475232 PVT INF KIA
Reich, Harry E. 36265786 SGT INF KIA
Reid, Oliver M. 7024106 PVT INF KIA
Reynolds, John 32084460 PFC INF KIA
Reynolds, Robert D. 33597763 PFC MD KIA
Rhodes, Charles H. 38535802 PFC INF KIA
Rhofes, Samwel J., Sr. 34978329 PFC INF KIA
Rice, Preston E. 34210716 PVT INF KIA
Richards, Donald W. 31293461 PVT INF KIA
Richardson, Earl H. 42108909 PVT INF FOD
Richardson, Herman E. 37350584 PFC INF KIA
Richwalski, Clarence 36371766 PFC INF KIA
Ricks, Edward 38664330 PVT INF FOD
Riley, Harold F. 38661795 PVT INF DOW
Rivas, Henry D. 39710360 PFC INF FOD
Roach, Charles B. 33833717 PFC INF KIA
Robatailie, Shirley G. 42121827 PVT INF KIA
Roberts, Larry E. 32670317 PFC INF KIA
Robinson, Clifford 14073210 PFC INF KIA
Robinson, Ivan 32253917 PFC INF KIA
Rodgers, John Q. 35111380 PFC INF KIA
Rogala, Frank E. 36736865 PFC INF KIA
Rogers, Jack E. 36371044 SGT INF KIA
Rogers, Julian H. 35093703 PFC INF KIA
Rokey, Raymond R. 0-025375 CAPT INF DOW
Rosak, Albert 33439308 PVT INF KIA
Rose, Charles H., Jr. 34376823 PFC INF KIA
Roskoski, Francis W. S. 37733461 PFC INF DOW
Ross, Letcher C. 33849825 PVT INF KIA
Rothstein, Jack M. 32195784 CPL INF KIA
Rubenacker, Wilfrid J. 36371271 PFC INF KIA
Rubin, Edward A. 36808399 PFC INF KIA
Rucinski, Edmund E. 35112056 PFC INF KIA
Ruff, Raymond R. 33037282 SGT INF KIA
Rulong, Gordon S. 33037292 PVT INF KIA
Runkle, John R. 15099182 PVT INF KIA
Rupczyk, Marion 20311632 S SG INF KIA
Rupert, J. B. 34886615 PVT INF KIA
Rupp, Henry J. 32818835 PFC INF KIA
Rush, William S. 37618871 PFC INF DOW
Russell, George F. 33101194 PFC INF KIA
Ruth, Harold F. 33024009 T SG INF FOD
Ryder, Russell E. 35174015 PVT INF KIA
Sabo, Joe, Jr. 33662248 PFC INF KIA
Sala, Ramon 32967077 SGT INF KIA
Salmon, Charlie C., Jr. 33042567 S SG INF KIA
Salomon, Eugene T. 32196308 SGT INF KIA
Sanders, Carl D. 34972638 PVT INF KIA
Sanfelippo, Matthew F. 32651516 CPL INF DOW
Sanford, Claude W. 39280255 PFC INF KIA
Savage, Thomas E. 01327769 2 LT INF FOD
Schaffer, Wayne R. 36989153 PVT INF KIA
Schippefelt, Leopold 36395830 PFC INF KIA
Schmidt, Roy P. 37693477 PFC INF DOW
Schoch, Donald B. 33624691 PFC INF KIA
Schroeder, Ewald E. 38562719 PFC INF KIA
Schroeder, Walter W. 32582979 PFC INF KIA
Schultz, Adolph D. 33037300 T SG INF DOW
Schultz, Charles G. 36373190 PVT INF KIA
Schumacher, Eugene J. 36373950 PFC MD KIA
Scott, George E. 01312988 1 LT INF KIA
Scott, Robert H. 35475182 PFC INF KIA
Sedlacek, Eugene J. 36664128 S SG INF KIA
Seeman, Milton G. 37635620 PVT INF KIA
Seiler, Gustave J. 32891167 PVT INF KIA
Sem, Frank 35350077 PVT INF KIA
Semenek, George J. 36607684 PFC INF KIA
Serba, Frank M. 32582826 PFC INF DOW
Serwach, Edward L. 36896522 PVT INF DOW
Shamon, Nooney T. 32584213 PVT INF DOW
Shank, Lyle J. 36899930 PFC INF KIA
Shannon, Bernard E. 20312426 PFC INF FOD
Shasteen, Alton A. 36766493 PVT INF KIA
Shebelinski, Thomas 33511757 PFC INF KIA
Shepard, Floyd 39238429 S SG INF DOW
Shetler, Marvin 36644970 PFC INF KIA
Shotts, Lynn A. 35146393 CPL INF KIA
Shotzberger, Thompson 33017378 PVT INF KIA
Shultz, Kenneth M. 16033787 PFC INF KIA
Shute, George B. 31363845 PVT INF KIA
Skaim, Clarence J. 37684820 SGT INF KIA
Skalko, Daniel 20312449 PVT INF DOW
Skinner, James D., Sr. 34978420 PVT INF KIA
Skowronski, Edward J. 33610296 PVT INF KIA
Slebics, Joseph M. 33024170 PFC INF KIA
Slonaker, Charles E. 39472710 PFC INF KIA
Smith, Brodus 34767274 PFC INF KIA
Smith, Charles A. 34100908 T SG INF KIA
Smith, Darwin P. 35717104 PFC INF KIA
Smith, Don H. 34824469 PVT INF KIA
Smith, Earl L. 36220103 SGT INF KIA
Smith, Elmer J. 36630708 PFC INF KIA
Smith, Harry M. 39724114 PVT INF DOW
Smith, James P. 34306139 SGT INF DOW
Smith, James V. 34971039 PVT INF DOW
Smith, Jesse L. 34892521 PFC INF KIA
Smith, Johnnie R. 34924459 PVT INF KIA
Smith, Robert L. 33037213 S SG INF KIA
Smith, Robert S. 01307866 2 LT INF KIA
Smith, William H. 20311666 SGT INF KIA
Smith, William M. 34474624 PVT INF KIA
Smock, Joseph K. 35876806 PVT INF KIA
Snow, Kenneth J. 38694563 PFC INF KIA
Soellner, Verdene A. 36325567 PFC INF KIA
Sokolowski, Chester E. 20232168 T SG INF KIA
Solkshinitz, Stephen 33024185 S SG INF KIA
Somer, George W. 01309681 1 LT INF KIA
Sowell, James N. 34896767 PFC INF KIA
Spaans, Ralph W. 01319233 2 LT INF KIA
Spiker, Orville D. 36174795 T SG INF KIA
Spurlock, Arthur E. 38600561 PFC INF DOW
St. Germaine, Milan R. 36989199 PFC INF KIA
Stacey, William R. 32552736 CPL INF KIA
Stachowicz, Stanley 42058626 PFC INF KIA
Stafford, Milton D., Jr. 32253953 SGT INF DOW
Stallings, Simon F. 34855182 PVT INF KIA
Stancik, Joseph E. 3920475 PFC INF KIA
States, Ralph B. W2113440 C WO NO KIA
Steen, Allen C. 20310319 PVT INF KIA
Stegall, Samuel B. 34925950 PVT INF KIA
Stein, Bernard 36887012 PVT INF KIA
Stephenson, Paul F. 36379733 PFC INF KIA
Stern, Saul I. 36581283 PVT MD DOW
Stevens, Edward J. 36965599 PFC INF KIA
Stevens, William H. 35040508 S SG INF KIA
Stewart, Alton W. 38662234 PFC INF KIA
Stewart, Nelson G. 36773282 PVT INF KIA
Stewart, Thomas G. 0-496756 1 LT INF DOW
Stiles, George M. 33024104 S SG INF KIA
Stivason, Frank E. 20310891 S SG INF KIA
Stivason, Waide H. 20312284 S SG INF KIA
Stokes, Earl E. 33661473 PFC INF KIA
Stolfi, Daniel 31461714 PVT INF KIA
Stoll, Fred N., Jr. 35705446 PVT MD DOW
Stone, James O. 35814114 PFC INF KIA
Stone, William E. 32253836 PFC INF KIA
Stoner, Joseph P. 33757585 PVT MD KIA
Strauss, Israel 42051945 PVT MD KIA
Streeter, Joseph E. 35232584 PVT INF KIA
Stuart, Fredrick L. 31319838 PFC INF KIA
Stumme, Herman H., Jr. 36725476 PFC INF KIA
Suazo, Antonio L., Jr. 38120604 PVT INF KIA
Surtel, Michael 32027746 PVT INF KIA
Swanson. Carl A. 36194689 PFC INF KIA
Sweeney, James L. 36576425 SGT INF DOW
Switzer, Ralph E. 33436300 PFC MD KIA
Swogger, Clarence J. 20312037 PFC INF KIA
Tappendorf, William G. 36372073 PFC INF KIA
Taylor, Robert W. 37591758 PVT INF KIA
Ten Brook, Billy M. 35095854 PFC INF KIA
Tharp, William H. 36982842 PVT INF DOW
Theberge, Reynold A. 31045171 PFC INF KIA
Thibodeau, Lionel F. 31285477 PFC INF KIA
Thomas, Gordon E. 33555065 PVT INF KIA
Thomas, James R., Jr. 01288465 CAPT INF KIA
Thomas, John F. 36898945 PFC INF KIA
Thomas, Loren V. 37606182 SGT INF KIA
Thompson, Basil P. 32483963 SGT INF KIA
Thompson, John G. 35727718 SGT INF KIA
Thompson, Terrell L. 38578676 PVT INF KIA
Thorng, Fred E. 31392025 PVT INF KIA
Tibbles, Robert A. 35681700 PFC INF DOW
Tidrick, Roy 37581902 PFC INF KIA
Tierney, Ovis D. 33575777 PFC INF KIA
Timmerman, Charles O. 32816383 PFC INF KIA
Todd, Dale E. 16062921 1 SG INF KIA
Todd, Donald K. 35095901 TEC 5 INF KIA
Trainer, Clifton G. 31307551 PVT INF KIA
Trammell, Reuben H. 33047179 PFC INF KIA
Treece, Robert L. 37516051 PFC INF KIA
Tronick, Robert D. 36366403 PVT INF KIA
Trosper, William 37361680 PVT INF DOW
Trost, Forrest E. 35883347 PFC INF KIA
Trotter, David H. 31218300 PVT INF KIA
Trout, Edward W. 33024521 PFC INF KIA
Turner, James W. 39579498 PVT INF FOD
Turner, Walter S. 33903343 PVT INF KIA
Tuttle, Clyde H. 36378022 S SG INF KIA
Twedten, Paul W. 01310530 2 LT INF KIA
Umbenhauer, Harry, Jr. 33075170 T SG INF KIA 11.03.44
Underwood, Jesse A. 36783305 PVT INF KIA 8.10.44
Uren, Richard T. 33017264 SGT INF FOD 1.06.45
Valdez, Evaristo E. 18114692 PVT INF KIA 11.02.44
Valenzuela, George R. 39240291 SGT INF DOW 1.06.45
Vallecorsa, Andrew 33920462 PVT INF KIA 11.06.44
Van Winkle, Claris W. 35350067 TEC 5 INF KIA 9.04.44
Vandenabeele, Alidor 36893197 SGT INF KIA 11.06.44
Vavro, Mike A. 20312215 T SG INF KIA 8.03.44
Vencill, Paul R. 33047166 S SG INF KIA 8.08.44
Vicil, Ramon C. 38578074 PVT INF KIA 12.24.44
Villacci, Joseph V. 36376954 PVT INF KIA 8.15.44
Villani, Frederick F. 32055361 PFC INF KIA 11.08.44
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Vocel, Joseph F. 12093503 SGT INF KIA 9.23.44
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Wagner, George 42092023 PVT INF KIA
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Walker, Donald B. 35269991 PFC INF DOW 8.06.44
Wallace, Clyde M. 33842132 PFC INF KIA
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Ward, Richard L. 35897549 PVT INF KIA
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Weiss, William J. 36266377 PFC INF KIA 8.01.44
Welce, Earl W. 36780032 PVT INF KIA 9.19.44
Welker, Edwin C. 6576938 T SG INF KIA 12.10.44
Wendelborn, Gordon L. 36266580 PFC INF KIA 8.06.44
Wennevold, Leroy B. 36698007 PVT INF FOD
Whitaker, Robert O. 20507864 PVT INF KIA 9.18.44
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Whittenberger. W. H. 35832515 PFC INF KIA
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Wiginton, Robert D. 34810186 PVT INF KIA
Wilbeck, Edward G. 01323194 2 LT INF KIA 8.01.44
Wilkie, Leonard 37312270 PFC INF KIA
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Williams, Charles, Jr. 36779848 PFC INF KIA
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Wisniewski, Edward J. 36370730 S SG INF KIA 2.02.45
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Wulf, Harold N. 38266367 S SG INF KIA 9.22.44
Yasulaitis, Frank, Jr. 36373351 PFC INF KIA 8.06.44
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Young, Nyle A. 35738342 PVT INF DOW 9.24.44
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Zitsch, George J. 32153904 T SG INF KIA 8.11.44
Zwicky, Robert H. 01317910 2 LT INF KIA 9.17.44